Dec 28, 2009

"DEW" Boudicca

"DEW" Lilura

Place: I really didnt remember the place.. if you know pls send me the name and the lm pls ...

Dec 19, 2009

New Releases from "DEW"

Outfits: "DEW" Matleena
Place: Pop Art Lab

"DEW" Stewsnort series

Outfit: "DEW" Stewsnort series
Place: eoffice

Dec 16, 2009

Christmas Gift from "DEW"

Hi there,
Thanks for your support... You are the best!
There is a christmas gift in "DEW" update group... You can find it in notices..
Happy holiday!!


Dec 5, 2009

"DEW" Catsmoke

"DEW" released new outfit called Catsmoke.. 4 colors and very sexy ;)

Place: Loup Erin Gallery

Nov 15, 2009

Some of our products

Place: Vegetal Planet

Place: Ten thousand shadows

Nov 14, 2009

Hello all,

We're new at second life business and for 2010 we have a new creation...
We havent a store inworld so you can find my products at Xstreet
We will add new realises when they are ready.. Thanks ...